If an original design is part of the brief, we will design a piece with up to three variations which meets the specifications for dimensions, style, materials and colour palette you provided. Prior to accepting the design, you may request changes, provided these do not constitute the development of a completely new design.

 In accepting the design, you agree on the suitability of materials used for the piece, including but not limited to their durability with respect to the intended life of the piece.

 You may reject all the designs by notification in writing. In this case, no further work will be undertaken, and you will incur a design fee of $500. You will not incur a design fee if the designs we developed did not conform to the specifications you provided.


We will produce the piece in accordance with the design you agreed to and we will notify you in writing when the piece is completed and ready for delivery and/or installation.

 In the course of construction, some aspects of the design may have to be revised due to difficulty of sourcing materials, or unanticipated problems with construction. In this event, we will discuss options with you to determine the best alternative, and finish construction based on the agreed solution.

 Note that material samples provided, if any, are indicative only, especially timber. As timber is a natural material, variations can be expected even if cut from the same tree. We will endeavour to match your specific requirements; however we cannot guarantee the final piece will be an exact match to samples provided.

Delivery and Installation

Unless otherwise indicated, we will arrange and pay for the delivery of the piece (including proper packaging, transport and insurance) to the site (i.e. your home or office).  

If the piece is being installed (i.e. attached to a wall or fitted on-site to an existing space, you must ensure that the site is adequately prepared to enable delivery and installation.


A deposit will be required before work on design or construction commences. The amount varies according to each project but may be up to 50 percent of the total cost. All amounts payable are inclusive of Goods and Services Tax (GST). Payment of a deposit or the full price signifies that you are aware of the terms and conditions with respect to this quotation or invoice and agree with them.

 In this case, we will consider the quoted price has been accepted and authority given to proceed with the order. If the project is cancelled within 3 days of payment of a deposit, a full refund will be provided, minus a design fee of $500 if design work has been completed. If the project is cancelled more than 3 days after the receipt of the deposit, an additional amount may be deducted to cover any materials purchased or additional time spent on the project.


We warrant against defective materials or workmanship. A defects liability period will extend for a period of 12 months from the date of delivery/installation of the piece. We will rectify, without charge to you, defects in the piece that become apparent during this period. This clause will not apply to damage or deterioration which results from fair wear and tear, the inherent characteristics of the materials used to create the piece, or the environment where the piece is kept.


We retain all copyright in any material submitted including but not limited to the design and the piece itself. You may not use an image of, or reproduce, the design and the piece without our prior written consent.